A modern and experienced property management network.

Our History 

Thomas Patrick is a modern and experienced property management network, using innovative strategies to maximise your property investment and offering a long-term partnership opportunity to landlords and private investors. 

Together, we have 15 years experience working in all areas of real estate where we’ve amassed vast knowledge of private and guaranteed rental markets. 

Our Expertise

Our experience operating in diverse market conditions makes us uniquely placed to reduce and manage risk, and we offer up-to-date advice to save you time and money. 

In uncertain times we can ensure reliability: we’ve worked with our clients to achieve portfolio success through previous recessions and the recent pandemic.

Our Network 

Over the years we’ve continued to grow our network, enabling us to cover large areas and offer the best options for clients and their properties. 

We work with government and local councils, legal consultants, regulatory bodies, and property inspectors to provide a service our clients can rely on.